Ok, Ty dont fit wit da regular thugs on SNT but when dis cowboy hayseed said he got what it takes to b on dis site, then I stopped by his crib 2 take a look.

Homeboy was standin’ in his cowboy boots wit a cowboy hat & sounded all country but when i asked him how he got to think he could b a hard-ass on StraightNakedThugs he said “how many of your guys got the balls to ride a 2,000 pound bull?

So yea, 4real, dis dude aint afraid of shit but is one thing to ride a crazy bull & is another if u got da balls to strip naked & jerk off your dick for da world to see – it was only minutes b4 dude was naked, hard & shooting cum from his cock. Then when dis cowboy was done, he looked at me & said “you want me to cum again?” – of course i had da video camera ready.

It’s gonna b interesting 2 c dis 19 year old cowboy mix wit da thugs – so keep cummin’ bak & see how this develops cause it’s gonna b fun!

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