Straight Skater Punk Brothers

Skater Punks Brothers

Skater Punks Brothers

York Reid’s been a major part of the crew of StraightNakedThugs. He’s a cross between a chill skater punk and a hippie, but he’s got a dark side and a certain command that let’s you know that he’s really an alpha male in the making. York proved his ‚Äčassertiveness and command when he told his younger brother that it was time for him to strip naked and masturbate for the crew of StraightNakedThugs.

Teaching Younger Brother How to Strip for the Camera

Teaching Younger Brother How to Strip for the Camera

Watch while York teaches his younger brother how to strip and pose naked for the camera – for the pleasure of the StraightNakedThugs gang and how to jerk-off his cock and cum — just like his older brother!

Naked Brothers York and Jake

Naked Brothers York and Jake

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Naked Paradox

Straight Skater Paradox

Paradox is a straight, 21 year old skater that’s been part of the SNT crew for a long time. He’s always bragged about the size of his cock and that he can get any bitch he wants. Finally, it’s time for Paradox to prove it! He claimed his cock was a thick nine and a half inch; that’s a lot of dick for a little guy. Paradox stands at 5’9″ and weighs in at just under 135 pounds.

Straight Skater Getting Ready to Show You His Cock

Paradox keeps his dick hair clipped. “I don’t want my bitches to get a face full of pubic hair”, he said, “and keeping my dick hair clipped short makes it easier for them to deep throat my cock without gagging.” Then he admitted that he ain’t never had a bitch able to go all the way down on his big dick; “Most of the time they can’t even get half of my dick in their mouths.”

Straight Skater Stripping for

Paradox is a little cocky. He’s confident and self assured. He earned his name because even though he’s a schooled street fighter, both with his fist and weapons, he’s got a soft side and a big heart; Paradox looks out for his family and friends. Bottom line rule for Paradox is if you’re a friend or family, then he’s got your back covered.

Straight Skater Cum

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Straight Naked Native American Indian Guys

Naked Naked American Guy

America’s not just a melting pot; it’s a tossed salad. Not everyone has varied from their ethnicity. StraightNakedThugs is a good cross representation of different ethnicities and lifestyles. There’s guys on StraightNakedThugs that are pure Irish, Scottish, German, Russian, Native American, Italian and more. Of course there’s the mutts too; the guys that have blended heritage. The one thing they all have in common is that they are all bad-ass, bad-boys that like to get naked!

Naked Native American Guy Shows His Big Cock

Lots of the members of SNT like the Native American guys. Maybe it’s because most of them have smooth, lean bodies and big dicks that are framed with just the right amount of pubic hair or maybe it’s their exotic appeal. Either way, these guys have fully integrated into the SNT crew.

Straight Naked Thug That’s 75% Blackfoot Indian

The Native American, bad-ass thugs are the guys that generations ago would have been riding bareback wearing only lion clothes, exposing their lean, muscular bodies. Today, these guys are part of StraightNakedThugs; still Native American guys, but thug, badasses that get naked and show their hard cocks to the world!

American Indian Guys Show Their Cocks

Horny Native American Guy on StraightNakedThugs

Native American Guy Tied and Bound

Naked Antive American Guy Forced to Cum

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Lex Convince His Friend to Jerk-Off with Him

Lex Introduces Jimmy Pats to the World of Porn

Lex convinced his friend Jimmy Pats to strip and jerk-off for the members of StraightNakedThugs. Lex introduces Jimmy and then they both strip naked. Jimmy was a little shy at first, but this young skater gave in to peer pressure!

Hot Skaters Play with Their Cocks

Lex’s cock is almost instantly hard and if you’ve been looking at Lex since his first video on SNT (shot on his 18th birthday) you can see that his dick has been growing – Lex is now 21 years old and his cock is standing erect at 9 full inches!

Skater Friends Masturbate

Lex & Jimmy Pats Jerking Off Together

Lex & Jimmy Pats Have Huge, Horny Cocks

Skaters with Nine Inch Cocks

This was Jimmy’s first time getting naked and making a porn video. He only 5’8″ and weighs just 145 lbs, but when he dropped his pants, it became obvious where a lot of his weight is; Jimmy has a big, thick, perfectly shaped cock with a giant mushroom head on it! Jimmy and lex set side by side and glide their hands up and down their cocks. Their naked bodies contrast; Lex is smooth and has the body of a athlete. His toned body and muscles tense and flex as he masturbates. Jimmy is smaller than Lex, but he still has a tight body and six-pack abs. His body is natural and from the waist down, this guy is hairy.

Straight Skaters Jerking Off Together

Lex Came First

Best Friends Jerking Off Together

Jimmy Took His Time Jerking Off

Hot, Sexy, Horny Skater Boy Jimmy Pats Jerking Off

“I want to take my time”, he said, “I want the members of StraightNakedThugs to be able to spend lots of time with my naked body!”

Jimmy Pats’ thick cock is surrounded by mountains of pubic hair and his big balls are furry

His thick cock is surrounded by mountains of pubic hair and his big balls are furry. Jimmy’s face is sweet and innocent, but like Lex, there’s a wild, untamed side to him! As they stroke their cocks, Lex moans, his dick is ready to explode and he shoots his load. Jimmy takes his time, because this is his first porn video, he didn’t want to rush. “I want to take my time”, he said, “I want the members of StraightNakedThugs to be able to spend lots of time with my naked body!” So, after Lex had his orgasm, Jimmy kept stroking, posing and enjoying making his first porn. We decided rather than cutting out the best parts of Jimmy, to spread it out into 2 parts (almost 45 minutes of naked video).

sperm pours from his giant, mushroom shaped dick head and spills into his thick mound of pubic hair

Jimmy goes into the bathroom and sits on the counter and with serious intent, slowly masturbates. Once his cock is fully erect, the girth and length of his dick is obvious; this boy could do some serious damage and bring major pleasure to any willing hole! When Jimmy cums, his load is thick and pure white. His sperm pours from his giant, mushroom shaped dick head and spills into his thick mound of pubic hair!

Jimmy Pats Covers His Cock, Balls and Pubic Hair With Cum

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Straight Guys Party Naked

Straight Guys Party Naked at StraightNakedThugs

When you party with the crew of StraightNakedThugs, you need to expect to get naked, nasty and jerk-off your dick for the camera because that’s the way we roll!

Party Naked with the Guys from StraightNakedThugs

Here’s a few sample photos of a few of the guys partying naked from StraightNakedThugs and a bonus video clip that even includes a few cum shots! Watch us rock with or cocks out and cum party naked with us!

Straight Naked Jerk-Off Party

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Straight Guys Dance Naked and Get Nasty

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