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Straight, Naked and Unashamed

Who Says Porn Can’t Be Fun? There’s Not Enough Humor In Porn, so the Guys of Put together a Porn Bloopers Video. Watch the Guys of Straightnakedthugs Get Naked, Dance Naked When They Think the Camera’s Not Filming, Get Caught Taking Showers on Spy Cams, Shoot Their cum loads early, threaten to Cum on the Cameraman and More! Straightnakedthugs Even Added a Few Cum Shots and Never Before Seen New Models! Take a Look At These Porn Bloopers and Outtakes, This Video Is Both Funny and Very Erotic! Cum See Real Straight Naked Amateur Guys In Unrehearsed, Uncut Video. for Real Underground, Amateur Porn That’s Sometimes Edgy, Sometimes Scandalous and Sometimes Just Plain Erotic, Go to Straightnakedthugs. Real Straight Guys That Like to Get Naked In Solos, Duos and Groups. Never Boring and Always Fresh! Take a Free Tour Now at

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Horny Straight Naked Cowboys

Ty Frost a Real Naked Cowboy

Ty Frost is a sexy, straight cowboy. He might seem like an odd choice to be on but when Ty first came to SNT, he claimed he could compete with any thug or skater on the site. “It takes a real man to climb on a bull”, he said, “I’d like to see one of the guys from SNT try to do what I do!.”

Cowboy, Ty Frost Showing His Naked Ass for StraightNakedThugs

On the rodeo circuit, Ty puts his ass on two ton bulls and goes for the ride of his life! He’s been traveling for the past year going from rodeo to rodeo and when he came back he was a little pissed to find other cowboys stripping naked for StraightNakedThugs. “I’m the “OC” (original cowboy) on SNT and I intend to keep it that way!” he said in a firm southern drawl.

Ty Shows His Cowboy Cock

“These other wanna be’s are nothing more than farm-hands or weekend warriors that put on a cowboy hat. I’m the real deal”, Ty said, “If you want a real naked cowboys, then here I am!”

Naked Cowboy, Ty Frost Getting Ready to Cum

Ty sat down and started recording a video, bitching about how other guys were trying to take his spot but got interrupted by his best friend Lee Barstow. Lee’s a full bred cowboy like Ty and the two friends were bound and determined to put on a show for the members of StraightNakedThugs; naked cowboy style!

In His Newest Video, Ty Explains What it Takes to be a Real Cowboy

Lee Barstow Interrupts Ty While He’s Making a Video

Lee and Ty Pull Their Big Cowboy Cocks Out

Ty and Lee both pull their big cocks out to show the camera what they are packing. It was freezing cold, so their dicks were smaller than normal, but the warmth of their hands wrapped around their cocks quickly warmth them up to erection!

Lee and Ty Stripped for the Camera

Young Cowboys Playing with their Cocks

Best Friends, Naked Cowboys Masturbate

Lee found a stool to sit his naked ass on while he jerked on his dick. His huge balls slapped between his legs as he began to masturbate.

Lee’s Giant Balls Slapped as He Began to Masturbate

Ty’s Hand Moved in Rhythm to Lee Masturbating

Lee Leaned Back as Cum Shot from His Big Cock and Ran Down to His Red Pubic Hair

Lee’s Cock, Balls and Red Pubic Hair Were Soaked in Cum

Fighting the cold, Lee and Ty churned their cock as they showed off their naked bodies in order to keep their spot as the best naked cowboys on StraightNakedThugs!

Lee Came First, so Ty Increased the Speed of His Masturbation!

Ty Getting Closer to Orgasm

Ty’s Cowboy Cock Covered in Cum

Fully satisfied, Ty and Lee remind the viewers of StraightNakedThugs who the real cowboys are of SNT, that they’re back, ready to get naked anytime and any place! Watch for more of these straight naked cowboys cumming soon to!

Straight Naked Cowboys

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Straight Naked Skaters, Naked Juggalos, Naked Punks and Naked Thugs

Billy da Kidd Showing His Cock

At we let it all hang out. The entire crew is shameless about exposing themselves in public and in private. You want to see our cocks? Just take a quick look at

Skater Boy Shows His Cock With Pride

The variety of naked guys on SNT is huge, but they all have one thing in common; they like to get naked and they like to be watched! This is your personal invitation to cum look at our cocks!

Kyd Cash about to Get Naked

Kyd Cash after Cum

If the guys of StraightNakedThugs could make the site free; we would, but there’s server fees, cameras and video cameras to buy and we gotta pay the geeks to keep our site up and running. Oh yea, we gotta eat too!

Gay Guy Giving Straight Guy Handjob

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Straight Naked Guys from

Straight Naked Guys from

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Straight Guy Fucks His Own Ass

Cherokee is a Hot, Horny, Native American Guy

If you passed Cherokee on the street, you’d think he’d be the last dude you’d see shove anything in his asshole, but since Cherokee discovered the joys of his asshole, he can’t seem to leave it alone.

Cherokee Stripping

Cherokee’s Big Cock

After lots of comments about photos and videos we shot of Cherokee finger fucking his asshole, he came back to kick his game up! Happy to put on a show for all his fans, Cherokee smiles and flirts with the camera while reaching in his pants and playing with his huge cock. Then, he fumbles around in his pockets and pulls out a vibrator.

Cherokee strips naked and props a leg up in order to open his asshole and then he slides the toy in his tight hole. Cherokee fucks his ass with the toy while he masturbates, bringing himself nearly to the edge of orgasm! Sweat runs off his bare chest and down his tight stomach as pleasure flows through his body.

Cherokee Sits on Vibrator and Fucks His Own Ass

Cherokee Fucks His Ass Until He Cums

Then Cherokee squats on the floor with the vibrator up his ass and bounces up and down fucking himself until he moans and shoots a giant cum load from his massive dick! For all the fans of naked Native American guys and all of you that love watching a straight guy jerk-off while getting his ass fucked with a toy; this video is for you with much love from Cherokee and the crew of!

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Naked Native American Guy

Straight Guy Gets Naked on a Dare and Jerks-Off

Duke Sat Naked Except for His Helmet

On a dare, Duke stripped naked and rode his scooter up and down the streets and through the park.

Wearing Only His Helmet, Duke Sat on His Scooter and Jerked-Off

Then, still completely naked, (except for his hemet), he rode his scooter through the backyard, in the backdoor of the crib and parked it in the living room. We all laughed and gave Duke his perks for being such a exhibitionist and then broke out the video camera. How could we resist?

His Straight Cock Quickly Sprang to Erection

Duke’s 10 Inch Cock is Used to Being the Center of Attention

Duke Entertained Everyone as He Sat on His Scooter and Jerker-Off

Duke Doesn’t Mind Being Watched While He Jerks Off or Has Sex

Duke’s blue eyes glared through his helmet, his naked ass was perched on the seat and his big cock was just hanging there begging for attention! Duke said, “Since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll put on a show for the members of StraightNakedThugs” and he grabbed his dick and started stroking.

Duke Leaned Back as the Pleasure Shot Through His Naked Body

If You Think the Photos of Duke Jerking Off are Hot, the You Should See the Video

Duke’s soft cock is bigger than most guy’s dick when it’s hard and when he gets his to full erection, his dick is easily 10 inches long!

Hot Boy Duke Masturbating on His Scooter

As Duke played with is dick, it quickly sprung to an erection. He leaned back, showing off his nut sack, cum filled balls and lean, firm body. Then, Duke pulled off his helmet so that is magnificent, straight body would be completely naked.

Duke Sat Completely Naked on His Scooter and Proudly Jerked Off His Huge Cock

Straight Boy Duke Just as He Started to Cum

His stomach muscles tightened as he masturbated and then he shot a thick load of cum on his helmet. If you like watching lean, straight guys with big dicks that don’t mind if you see them cum, then you’re going to love watching this video of Duke and his 10 inch cock!

The Cum Shot From Duke’s Hard Cock and Landed on His Helmet

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Duke Relaxing After He Shoots His Cum Load

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