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One of the most popular and controversial members of the SNT crew is Wiley. He started modeling for right after he turned 18, but because he looked so young, people questioned whether he was too young to do porn. Wiley was bright-eyed and looked innocent – but looks can be deceiving!

Wiley’s cousin, Danny Boy, first approached Wiley about becoming part of the SNT crew and modeling for porn a few days after Wiley’s 18th birthday. Danny had developed a fan base, he knew that big dicks ran in the family and that Wiley could use some extra money.

When we first took a look at Wiley, we were unsure; he was a small, skinny, street punk, skater kid that appeared a little shy. We told Wiley to strip and in seconds; he was bare ass naked, proving he had no shame nor modesty! This straight 18 years was naked and ready to cum for the camera!

Wiley went after porn with full-time effort. After getting naked for StraightNakedThugs, he modeled for

The foot fetish people loved Wiley; his face, his feet and his big, hard cock!

Wiley has been featured as a lead model for in multiple photo set and videos – both solos and duos.
Wiley’s next challenge was to model for Wiley had never tasted cum before but understood he would be required to masturbate and cum on his own face and eat it. Asking a straight teen to get naked and masturbate is one thing, but to have him eat his own hot sperm is another! Wiley said he was up for the challenge and the results move him quickly to the top of most desirable young male models!

Wiley emerged from a skinny, straight, skateboarding, tuff-kid to a rising porn star in less than 6 months and enjoyed every moment of his new career!

Wiley’s true allegiance and dedication has been and continues to be to StraightNakedThugs where he has showed his true talents and skills! He has repeatedly gotten naked and jerked-off in public places, been tied up and bitched down, shaved his dick and asshole and appeared in videos with most of the top members of SNT including; Billy, Boomer, Cain, T, Chain, Viper, Corpse, Iysis, Danny Boy and more!

Over the passed 3 years, the gang of SNT has watch Wiley’s body mature from a barely legal looking skinny, naked, teen skater to a 21 year old, self-assured porn star! For Wiley’s fans, it’s about more than his sexy naked body and large cock; Wiley’s bad-boy personality and raw honesty are his biggest turn-ons!

Wiley loves his fans as much as they love him! He gets pure, raw pleasure from knowing his naked body excites the members of StraightNakedThugs. His massive cum shots and facial expressions are never coerced but come naturally from his exhibitionist desires.

Normally, when Wiley is making a video, he talks frankly and directly to his fans. His street slang and raw sex appeal lure viewers for more as he strokes his dick and spreads his ass open.

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Skater Boy Gags on Cock

Welsey is the number 1 gay boy on StraightNakedThugs. His fetish is having sex with straight skaters, thugs and punks. Blinx is a straight, (maybe now bisexual), teen skater that had never been with a guy, but he agreed to try it for his first time on film. Blinx laid down the grown rules; first it was okay for Welsey to suck his dick, but no cocks were going in his mouth or in his virgin ass!

Blinx went to take a shower and while he was wet and naked; Welsey opened the shower and wrapped a belt around Blinx’s neck. Welsey was about ready to show this naked skater kid who the real bitch was!

Welsey coerced Blinx to his knees and shoved his huge, uncut cock into Blinx’s virgin mouth and told him he was going to teach him how to suck dick! Blinx’s fingers and hand barely fit around Welsey’s thick cock as Welsey face fucked Blinx. “More suction”, Welsey shouted as he rammed his cock down Blinx’s young throat! Blinx tried to comply, but Welsey’s dick was too much for him, so with his mouth stretched wide and his throat filled a thick penis; Blinx gagged and choked as saliva ran down his chin!

Sparing this straight naked skater no mercy, Welsey pulled him from the shower and laid him on the couch. Welsey climbed on blinx and the two began to 69. While sucking and getting sucked, Welsey began finger fucking Blinx’s virgin asshole. Then, because of much great size and strength, Welsey lifted up Blinx and held him upside-down while he face fucked him and played with his full exposed asshole!

After much dick-slapping and humiliation; Welsey finally uses his captive straight-boy-toy for a cum dumpster, covering his face and mouth in thick, hot jizz!

Then, Welsey went to work on Blinx’s young cock; chewing it, jerking it and sucking it as if starved for skater cum!But in a last effort to even the humiliation, Blinx gives Welsey a pay-back that’s unbelievable! See the entire video in high quality now plus over 50 hours of real, straight, naked amateur guys at this amazing reality site!

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